The Blue Mountain / Det blå bjerg Target group: 7 -11 years. State of development: Pilot episode is completed and ready for screening. Scripts of two episodes and synopsises of the 26 episodes of season 1. can be downloaded here. Graphic novel ( episode 14 = 30 pages) can be read here. We are looking for all kind for invest, co-production, comission, aquisitions and pre-buys.
ORIGINALOS REINVENTED dialogue-free slapstick caveman comedy 7 - 12 (family) 5 minutes self contained episodes Traditional 20 The grumpy Caveman Albert is practical and careful. He works out proper solutions to various daily obstacles. Crazy Caveman Bohr is smart and impulsive (a genius according to himself). He takes Albert's solutions to a higher level. refining them into ground breaking inventions. In fact he takes them a bit over the top ... Sometimes quite a bit over the top, and often it turns out bad. Well. in fact, it always turns out bad ... real bad ... especially for Caveman Bohr. PITCH
THE SCRAPBOOK Motion Comic horror TV-series 3 x 22 minuttes A holiday releif job as a superintendent at a remote lighthouse seems to be a good idea for a young student who needs to catch up on his studies. But an old Scrapbook contains newspaper clippings from 1934 about a serial killer, that was never caught. And late at night the student wakes up hearing voices from the kitchen. PITCH
Martha & Maybe - Herluf / Martha & Måske - Herluf animated TV-series and feature based on the childrens novel by Niels Lund
The Universe for Dummies / Universet for Begyndere How long is long and does it have to be so complicated? 26 x 7 minutes animated TV-series
Good Night and Sleep Well / Godnat og sov godt 26 x 7 minutes animated TV-series - animated horror for kids PITCH
WOOLYWOOD WOOLFERT 52 x 5 minutes non dialogue slapstick animatIon for kids PITCH

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