Tiny square Critters / Hjørne Bjørne. 3 x 26 x 7 minutes Set in the forest, Tiny Square Critters tells stories from the target audience’s own world, e.g. The first day in kindergarten, Where is my mum?, I can’t sleep. The critters are all square shaped animal children, and each episode starts and ends with a lesson in how to draw the animals, encouraging children to join in the story and make up adventures of their own. The square design is easy, even for small children to copy. Broadcast sales include: DR Ramasjang, YLE Finland, Canal Pakapaka Argentina and TBN USA Distribution: Monsters Entertainment: http://www.monsterentertainment.tv/catalogue/tiny-square-critters
Finurlige Facts / Fumpy Facts 20 x 3 minutes What do Piranhas, Dracula, The Lost City of Atlantis, and Thomas Edison all have in common? You will learn about each one of them in Fumpy Facts! Journey around the world to meet The World’s Strongest Man and The World’s Greatest Detective. Travel from Inside our Amazing Bodies all the way to Mars! Distribution: Monsters Entertainment: http://www.monsterentertainment.tv/catalogue/fumpy-facts/
ORIGINALOS? 26 x 3 minutes An extremely funny dialogue-free animated caveman comedy for all family. Each episode takes off with the invention of a specific object or idea that we use in our everyday life. At the time it was invented it must have been a milestone along the bumpy road of development. Like the invention of the football, fire, wheel, fitness, love, flushing toilets and much more. Distribution: Monsters Entertainment: http://www.monsterentertainment.tv/catalogue/originalos/
HISTORIETIMEN/ THE HISTORY LESSON 18 x 20 minutes Live-Action horror series for kids. A dusty Professor teaches history lessons from different historical locations, but most old places is haunted with ghosts and spectres. And even though the Professor does not believe in supernatural creatures, he always ends up running away in panic. The series were a great success on DR Ramasjang and DR Ultra. Watch the series at filmstriben.dk: https://fjernleje.filmstriben.dk/search?text=historietimen
SCRAPBOGEN / THE SCRAPBOOK graphic novel 56 illustrated pages Classic horror, Thriller, Ghost story. In the style of Alfred Hitchcock meets The Twilight Zone. In 1993 a young student gets a job as an attendant at a remote lighthouse for the Christmas holidays. His job is to keep an eye on the machinery and call for assistance if anything should occur. He needs time away, to catch up with his school work. But as the darkness decreases and he finds an old scrapbook with newspaper cuts about a child murderer who spread fear among the locals back in 1932, and a bloody nightmare begins. Buy it here in Danish: http://forlaget-fahrenheit.dk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=311 - Or in English at comixology.com (ebook): http://bit.ly/2RO6lCw
Børnebanden / Such Professor M / Zoek Professor M / The Kids Squad children's book series Tells the adventures of the very cool group of secret agents kids, called the Kids Squad. The books consist of a series of detailed double-page spread illustrations. Readers are challenged to find different hidden items on each page. Books number 1 to 3 are sold in Denmark, Germany, China, Holland, Belgium and Norway with good success. Now we are looking for a new publisher to publish and distribute book number four: Kids Squad - The Great Art Robbery.

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