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Tiny Films about Sorrow & Courage 2D limited animated TV-series 5 - 10 (TV, Streaming, School, educational / entertaining) 6 x 7 minutes Life isn't always a piece of cake. At some point all children meet sorrow and grief and that is never easy. By putting pictures and words on sorrow, this series focus on a topic that is also taboo among children. But because we are in Bearville and all characters are bears, it is possible for the target-audience to keep a distance to the otherwise very realistic stories. In Denmark the School Service of the National Church will place the series in a educational context for young pupils. But they will also work as an entertaining series on flow TV or in a Streaming Service. Yes it is very serious, but the films also contains humour and positivity, the characters are very loveable and every episode ends in a optimistic mood. leaving the audience touched but okay. Tiny Films about Sorrow and Courage are supported by The Danish Film Institute, The School Service of the National Church and The Danish Film Directors.
ORIGINALOS REINVENTED dialogue-free slapstick caveman comedy 7 - 12 (family) 5 minutes self contained episodes Traditional 20 The grumpy Caveman Albert is practical and careful. He works out proper solutions to various daily obstacles. Crazy Caveman Bohr is smart and impulsive (a genius according to himself). He takes Albert's solutions to a higher level. refining them into ground breaking inventions. In fact he takes them a bit over the top ... Sometimes quite a bit over the top, and often it turns out bad. Well. in fact, it always turns out bad ... real bad ... especially for Caveman Bohr. PITCH
MIS MED DE STORE KUGLER / CAT'S GOT BALLS dialogue-free slapstick cat comedy (target: 9 - 20) 1- 5 minutes episodes for streaming and web, self contained episodes Traditional 2D / motion comic Cat is a proud, Cat's got something the neighborhood's other male cats don't have. Cat's got balls. Cat's got mojo. Cat is totally complacent when he is on top. He loves to brag and impress the ladies, and they "totally love him!" (according to himself). PITCH
SERIES FRIDA OG FILUR / FRIDA AND FILUR COMPUTER GAME and TV-SERIES about food and health (target: 5 - 8) 13 x 7 minutes episodes classic limited 2D animation and platform game Little Frida and her cousin Filur is playing various games in Frida's back yard and particular in the old greenhouse. Their games are all very imaginative and we see them going with Amundsen to the South pole, exploring the heart of Africa and searching for pirate treasures in the pacific ocean, but the theme is always about health and what you eat. This series and game gives its audience a clue of what is good for you and what is not. But without preaching or moralising.
RUTH OG PRUT / MARTIE AND FARTIE Interactive tv-series (target: 4 - 8) 13 x 6 minutes episodes classic limited 2D animation Sisters Martie and Fartie have a secret weapon. When they are in deep trouble and there is no other way out they can break winds so loud and so smelly, that you won't believe it. And this will make anyone behave. They are not allowed to do it, but sometimes you have to... PITCH