Tiny square Critters / Hjørnebjørne
Creator: Niels Valentin, Tiny Film ApS
Genre: Small children’s fables
Target: From 2 to 6 years
Format: 2D limited Animated TV-series. 78 x 7  minutes
Distribution: Monster! Entertainment 
  78  x  7 minutes (3 seasons)
Set in the forest, Tiny Square Critters tells stories from the target audience’s own world, e.g. The first day in kindergarten, Where is my mum?, I can’t sleep. The critters are all square shaped animal children, and each episode starts and ends with a lesson in how to draw the animals, encouraging children to join in the story and make up adventures of their own. The square design is easy, even for small children to copy.
Broadcast sales include: DR Ramasjang, Denmark; TV2 Oiii, Denmark; TV2 Oiii, Norge; Canal Pakapaka, Argentina;  TBN, USA; Amazon Prime, USA; YLE, Finland; Vietnam and Colombia.

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