The Bearville Buddies /
Vennerne i Bjørneby
Heartfelt and warm stories about brave kids for brave broadcasters.
Creator: Karsten Mungo Madsen, Tiny Film ApS
Genre: Education, Entertainment, children’s fable
Target: From 5 to 9 years
Format: 2D limited Animated TV-series. 6 x 7:30  minutes
Budget: 6700 € per minute
Distribution: Monster! Entertainment 
The Bearville Buddies follows a group of young bears attending the same school in the little town Bearville. The Buddies are ordinary children with normal lives and all that comes with it. They play, they laugh and they cry. They look forward to Christmas and have dreams, just like all children do. And just like all children, they sometimes have to deal with things that are hard to talk about.
Balancing fun and joyful moments with serious topics the series allows the audience to talk about their own experiences or at least, to reflect on them, learning, that we all carry something in our bag.
In the 26 episodes, the audience will get to know the buddies and their lives, with all its ups and downs and they will become true friends and real buddies.
The stories are developed in collaboration with the best dramatists and children's grief experts

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